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I am your new leader!

Where's Megatron? He's certainly not here. What an incompetent fool.

Never mind him. This is a good thing! If he is not here, then I am the new leader of the Decepticons, effective immediately! Come and greet your new leader!

I've waited a long time for this.


Sep. 9th, 2010

[After circling the area for some time, a confused teal and purple seeker touches down and makes one last  look-around. The last thing she remembers is the space bridge... Every thing was going well, and then- she was here. Some kind of transwarp malfunction?]

Starscream- come in! Thundercracker?

...Skywarp. Sunstorm?

Anyone at all? I'll take Drige even, just- 'the frag am I?

Is this Cybertron?


Fresh meat! XD

Chandelle wasn't quite sure where she was. One minute she was flying over the Gulf, testing her Earth alt-mode... and now, all of the sudden, she was somewhere else entirely! With a shriek of turbines, she yanked her nose up, brake flaps flaring wide to slow herself down as she managed to avoid running into the outer wall of the building she'd found herself in front of. Once she was slowed enough, she transformed, landing lightly on her peds giving herself a good shake.

"That was no fun...." She muttered, stepping through the front door. "Now where in Primus's name am I?" 
[ The first inkling of something wrong is when the screen - any screen, really - suddenly flickers. No matter what it might have been showing, it's dark now.

Then deceptively soft and peaceful music starts coming out of it, and a synthesized voice starts to sing to it; it might sound vaguely familiar. It's definitely male, and seems more 'mature' than anything else. ]

♪ Even if your head is crushed in
Even if your arm is taken
The children who can never die
They laugh at you sweetly ♪

[ And then the music goes into a minor key which, to be honest, sounds incredibly creepy, and another voice takes over; this one is higher-pitched, almost like a child's, and combined with the music and the words... ]

♪ Circle you, circle you
Please drink with us, we insist
You should come play with us
Play forever with us

Circle you, circle you
Who surrounds you everywhere? ♪

[ The music continues on for a little while, and then fades away. The voices come back again; just voices, no visuals. ]

...Ah? That's strange.
We weren't on this computer before...

-Hey, user! Did you move us or something?-

Maybe it glitched? I can't see anything.
Stormcloud is dusty, and he’s in a good mood. Oh, Oceanglide said to wait here and keep his sensors primed, but that still leaves one idle Minicon pirate with nothing to do but see who comes by.

He can work with that.

So he’s padding through the dressing room on quiet feet and pent-up aggression he’s only begun to vent, looking for someone to slag. Or at least to slag off.
*shifts optics around curiously*

Oh yeah, this is real nice. *sarcastic*
[So not the Dead Universe.]


. Hmmm.. Strange that I am still online even after 20 cycles.

{{OOC: Pulled before his death - he was tormenting Optimus/the Darkness was wanting to host jump for lack of better word. ]
*Despite the red and white Santa hat she's wearing, Kelly is all serious business today. She has a stack of travel brochures by her, and she's poring through them, making notes. In red pen. She's also muttering to herself.* Skiing- oh, yeah, there's a great idea. Then I could get run over and swept away in an avalanche. Maybe if I tried- hmm, somewhere with lots of trees... hah, I'd like to see them get through that!


There's a dark blue, visor-wearing femme hiding next to one of the couches, and clutching a very interesting-looking helmet tightly to her chestplating. She glances around every so often, cycling air rapidly and shaking slightly. Anyone familiar with the helmet she's holding will notice a distinct absence of a certain mech from her side...
Metalhawk is back. He's here to run tests on the dressing room, because he just doesn't trust it, backing onto his observatory all sneaky-like. And not because he secretly wants some time out of the base that isn't training the new 'bots or chasing Decepticon zombies.

Besides, the Headmaster Juniors are off at boot camp. How much trouble can they get into without him?

And so the lanky yellow Autobot wanders around in robot-mode, taking readings on anything scannable-looking with amazing seriousness for someone who's secretly just killing time.

There's a flash and a slight swish.

And Rachel looks around and then frowns at her shiny new gadget. "I think we have a slight technical difficulty, Steeljaw. Aside from the stuff all over the floor this doesn't look like the living room."

The massive Maine Coon cat who's sitting on her left foot only twitches his impressive tail thoughtfully.

*throws out an Alexis*

Huh? W-where am I? *rubs eyes*

Blackout is in the building!

Nexus, whatever.

She's leaning comfortably against a wall, playing with her tiny chibi Scorponok as a femme easily as large as she is but sporting a strange hybrid tech (bayformer armor over a TFA protoform) busily flattens damaged lockers and stacks them. Blackout pays no attention to what her minion is doing, she's too busy taking it easy and chatting with her symbiont.

[Intro of Waspinator]

Waspinator not sure he likes this...

[Have a post-Beast Wars Waspinator, but pre-Beast Maschines. Have fun.]

[har har crappy intro ftw]

[Okaaaay, someone's in a weird place.]

This could be...fun, right?

((have a post revenge mikaela <3))

{coffee spaz, beware.}

*Frenzy is sitting in an area nearby tapping away at his laptop eagerly. A few clicks and then a 'ka-boom' noise.*

O-one m-more ti-time!

*A few more clicks and another "ka-boom".*

N-now I s-see wh-why humans-s l-like this "M-minesweepe-er" so m-much! IT EXPLODES!

*and he resets the game once more.*

The pain of separation.

Hunter O'nion is back.

And he's alone.

Walking in, he sits down against a wall near a pile of clothes and draws his knees up to his chest, arms around himself.

And there he sits in silence, shuddering every so often.

Crash Landing!

*With a crash and a squeal of metal, Fireflight makes his entrance, sliding along the floor in alt-mode*

Ow, I swear this time it wasn't my fault Silverbolt, honest!  *looks around*  Er... Silverbolt?

Old and tired, bent and busted....

Ironhide's standing in the energon room, intent on putting a serious dent on the stock thereof. He's already downed about three cubes of high grade blue, and now he's contemplating a cube of that evil green stuff. Or he seems to be contemplating it. His optics aren't open.

May. 24th, 2009

The dressing room seems to have picked up a new theme with its visitor today. The sound of a variant of ‘Yo ho ho’ drifts around the lockers downed and standing, loud and off-key. Granted the mech humming it stands little more than five feet in his brown armour, but there’s a torpedo about six feet long mounted on one arm and he’s merrily engaged in looting every unattended container in sight.

So technically he’s supposed to be waiting for someone. Or two. Maybe three. But a pirate like Waterlog never passes up a chance at booty.
*Head down, muttering to himself and covered in tufts of fur Wheeljack enters the dressing room, he's halfway across the room before he looks up.*

This isn't my quarters... Ohh what's that?

*Looking around the room scanning everything and everyone in sight, muttering excitedly about parallel universes and space time flux.*


The Universe is Inside Out

A TF:A Blitzwing appears in the dressing room, looking slightly shell shocked. First checking to see if anyone's in the immediate area, he flops down with a sigh, all but cradling the large hammer he arrived with.

"This is just payback, isn't it?" he says, not expecting an answer.

Those from similar realities may very well recognize that hammer. And may wonder what the slag Blitzwing's doing with it...
[There's a very confused looking Starscream standing here. He seems to have a Cybertronian mode, but there's something... off about him]

[Mostly in that his colors are wrong. Looks like he stole Skyfire's paint job]

[He blinks in confusion]


Cliffjumper? Soundwave? Heatwave...? Come in! This is Acting Commander Starscream, I-

... Arkeville?

... anyone?

Tha he blows....

A whistling noise is heard fast approaching from above as a blackened figure comes crashing though the ceiling, twitching once and wheezing, then lying still.

Quiet steps

echo through the dressing room as Nemesis walks around and thinks that the place looks a little dusty. Lockers are opened and closed occasionally, but her interest is mild compared to that of the massive black Malamute who is charging around, snuffing up scents and then snorting them out again as his tail goes furiously. The dark green femme pauses to watch him for a few moments as he explores the new place, and then she smiles as he sits down with a weary whine, his white toes moving restlessly in a mute appeal to be picked up.

Nemesis does so, and then tucks him in the crook of one arm as she walks over to the energon room to see if there's anything new there.


Transformers Dressing Room

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